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Kavalk has breathtaking mahogany boats for sale.

Kavalk’s luxury mahogany boats, yacht tenders, and runabouts are chosen by affluent buyers with settled taste preferences; as well as those who prefer the age-old cultural values ​​and traditions over fleeting, fatuous trends.

With its characteristic straight-grain and uniform density, there are few varieties of wood that can match the spectacular beauty of mahogany. Adored by generations of woodworkers across the globe, mahogany’s qualities, which include strength, light weight, durability, and workability, make it well-suited for building beautiful boats.

From mirror-finished mahogany decks, to the beveled chrome gauges, and tuck-and-roll leather upholstery, the mahogany boats for sale from our brokerage have a style that communicates a simple and sophisticated, quiet confidence that is unmistakable and soul-stirring; exactly what you would expect from a classic mahogany boat.

Black J

1990 Classic Kavalk


1991 Classic Kavalk
CA $49,500.00



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